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Aeroseal Improves the Efficiency & Function of Your HVAC System – Duct Sealing

Properly sealed ducts are crucial for the functionality of your HVAC system. Even if your home has adequate heating and air conditioning units, they won’t work efficiently if connected to leaky ducts. To ensure your ducts are sealed properly, call Charlotte’s Dependaworthy Duct Sealing pros at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. Our team utilizes Aeroseal, an effective and efficient method of mitigating duct leaks.

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Why Leaking Ducts Harm Your HVAC System

Ducts connect rooms in your home to the air conditioner and heater. If a duct leaks, it could cause multiple problems with your system. Leaking ducts decrease airflow, which wastes warmed or cooled air, reducing the efficacy of your HVAC system. That means leaky ductwork forces your system to work harder, lowering its lifespan.

Why sustain unnecessary wear, increased energy usage and higher bills? 

An estimated 30 cents of every dollar spent on a home’s energy can be wasted by leaking ductwork. About $25 billion is lost annually because of leaking ducts in the United States.

In addition to energy savings, Aeroseal Duct Sealing provides the following benefits:

  • Fewer allergens
  • Keeps pests out of ducts
  • Increases indoor air quality
  • Is a cost-effective alternative to replacing ductwork

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Duct Sealing with Aeroseal

Dependaworthy One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning applies Aeroseal to eliminate leaks in a home’s HVAC system:

  1. We seal all your home’s HVAC openings.
  2. We pressurize your HVAC system to receive an accurate measurement of how efficiently your ducts are operating.
  3. We distribute the Aeroseal formula throughout your ducts, immediately sealing the leaky areas.

Once finished, we pressurize your HVAC system again, confirming that Aeroseal, can improved your system’s functionality. You will not only feel the difference Aeroseal makes, but you’ll enjoy system improvement too.

Aeroseal is safe to use. It’s non-toxic and is made from a material used to produce chewing gum and infant pacifiers. The Aeroseal process is also non-invasive, so there’s no need to tear open your crawlspace or current ductwork.

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